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We are proud to introduce Looper Incentives, where you will accumulate points for performing well on the job, volunteering, recruiting friends, and competing against other Loopers, leading to huge cash bonuses. Below you will find everything you need to know about how it works--from the Scoring System to Recruitment Rewards to Looper League play.


Scoring System


Recruiting Rewards


Looper League

Welcome to Looper League, a feature of Bonaloop that allows you to join forces with your friends to compete monthly against other Crews for $50 to $100 cash rewards. Looper League is based off of the combined monthly point totals of your Crew members and resets on the 1st of each month, so another chance to win is never far off.


Note: Currently, only one Crew will win Looper League each month. Rules are subject to change at anytime, effective for the following month. For detailed Scoring, Recruitment, or League rules, including points for cases not listed above, email

To form a Crew: Email with your Crew name and a list of 2-4 Loopers.

To become a Free Agent: Email to request Free Agent status.

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