Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have an additional question not answered below, please email us at!

What is your service area?

Our current service area is in the North Shore Massachusetts area, within 10 miles from where the Looper goes to school or where the Looper lives, whichever is closer. As Loopers are simply paid by the hour for their time, they still take jobs beyond the service area when the Patron is willing to pay for their round trip travel time (at the regular job rate) and round trip mileage to each driver at 50 cents/mile (Loopers car pool when possible). The added charge depends on which Loopers sign-up and the exact amount is always determined before the start of the job and approved by the Patron when accepting the job.

Is Bonaloop a professional [fill in the blank: Landscape, Painting, Moving, etc] Company?

No! Bonaloop is strictly a connector to insured college students that work as an extra set of hands, directly for you, using your tools, equipment and direction. Bonaloop does not train the Loopers in any of these categories, nor does Bonaloop compete with professional services. The Loopers can help you with moving, painting, raking, weeding and more under your direction, but please consider carefully if your request and expectation is better suited for a professional moving company, painter, landscaper etc.

Do Loopers have their own tools and equipment?

Typically no. Loopers are all college students that come work directly for you using your tools, materials and equipment.

Do you supply moving trucks?

Similar to above, no. We connect you with local college students that we insure with worker’s compensation, general liability and hired-not owned (vehicle insurance) and handle all scheduling and payment processing. However some Loopers do have their own pick-up truck or SUV that could be used on moving jobs. If they use their own pick-up truck or SUV to transport your items, there is an additional $25 charge that goes to the Looper for the use of their vehicle.

How do I pay for the job?

Payment is made at the conclusion of the job via credit or debit card only (no cash or checks please). One of the Loopers will have one of our readers and will swipe your card in front of you at job conclusion, and you will be emailed a receipt. If it is inconvenient for you to be physically present at the end of the job for payment, we can email you a link to pay online, no problem! (We do always like you to be present at the start of a new job to get the Looper started.)

How are Loopers insured?

Bonaloop provides Loopers with Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and Hired Not Owned vehicle insurance.

Does Bonaloop provide quotes or estimates for jobs?

No. Bonaloop is not a professional landscaping, cleaning, or snow removal company but connect you directly with capable college students to do all these activities and more! Students as “Loopers” come work for you at a fixed hourly rate and we ask you with your job request for an estimated time duration to assist them in scheduling their time.

What if Loopers finish sooner than the estimated length of time I provide, do I still have to pay for the full time estimated?

You only pay for actual hours worked with a 1 hour per Looper minimum. The time duration given with the job will limit the job to Loopers that are able to commit to working up to that amount of time. If the job takes longer, it is possible that the Loopers will need to leave due to other commitments.

I really liked my Looper I had on a recent job! How can I get that same Looper again?

We send requests for feedback after every job is completed (unless it is a repeating job with the same Looper). In it you can tag your “favorite” Loopers within each job category. We give priority to your favorites for new postings when they are available. You can also request Loopers by name in your post requests.

Can I contact my Looper directly?

We provide you with the Loopers contact information in case you need to reach him or her about a scheduled job. Typically there is no need to make contact as they will arrive as scheduled. However, if further contact is convenient or desired for anything except changes to the nature of the work, we ask that you wait until AFTER you have received a “JOB LOCKED” email from Bonaloop. Prior to that please communicate through Bonaloop to avoid confusion. For jobs not yet scheduled, even with Loopers you have used before, please always go through our Job Scheduling process to ensure our insurance protection for both you and the Looper. Similarly any changes to the nature of the work should always be communicated through Bonaloop.

Is there a login for Patrons?

At present there is no login capability for Patrons. This is a feature that will be available in the near future!

I submitted a job but now want to see or change my post, how do I do that?

Until our login capability for Patrons is complete, there is no way for Patrons to see or change their own postings. If you want to change something on a request already submitted, simply email Bonaloop at and describe your change. (Please do not submit requests for new jobs via email as typically insufficient information is given- always submit new requests on our request form at

How much lead time should I give to schedule a job?

Jobs get posted to our private feed that all Loopers see within hours of your request, and they select jobs that interest them and fit their schedule. There is no limitation on the lead time, but it greatly increases the chances of getting filled with the more lead time that you can give, and the more date and time options you can offer (however please do provide specific dates and times rather than general terms like “early morning” etc). Loopers are typically less likely to select jobs more than two weeks away, but we are more than happy to get it on our Job Feed in case someone does want to commit to it. Please also let us know via email to if your schedule has changed or if help is no longer needed and we will update your posting accordingly.

How do I get notified when a Looper selects my job?

You will be notified via a “Job Confirmation” e-mail with all the final details to approve once a sufficient number of Loopers based on your criteria have signed up. You will have 24 hours to “Accept” the job once filled (or Decline or request changes), so when requesting a job please be sure to check your e-mail that you provided at least once every 24 hours, or sooner if the job is for the next or same day. Someone from our office will call you if we do not hear back from you after 24 hours. All instructions for proceeding will be included in the e-mail. Once all parties (Loopers and Patron) have “Accepted”, everyone will receive a “JOB LOCKED” e-mail at which point the job is scheduled and committed. Loopers will show up at the time and location listed, but if convenient for you to contact them about any details of the job except for changes to the job description, feel free to do so once the “JOB LOCKED” e-mail is received. Prior to that, or for any changes to the nature of the work, such communication should only go through Bonaloop to minimize confusion and ensure our insurance coverage.

I have an outdoor job that is dependent on weather, what if it rains on the day of the job?

All outdoor jobs are “Weather Permitting” unless decided otherwise beforehand. This means that either the Looper(s) or Patron can decide to cancel the job same day without penalty. (For all other jobs cancelled by the Patron in less than 24 hours, we ask them to pay the Loopers 1 hour each for reserving their schedule). When the job is only with one Looper, then either the Looper or Patron can call the other to initiate the weather cancellation, or discuss if it should proceed or be rescheduled. The Looper and Patron can decide on a new date among themselves as convenient (the Looper will update us), or if the Looper cannot be available the Looper will let us know to get in touch with you for rescheduling with another Looper. No party should assume it is cancelled without such discussion. When several Loopers are involved, then it is often easier for the Patron to call Bonaloop (978-347-5999) and we will be happy to facilitate the cancel and rescheduling.

My job did not finish and the same Looper is available to come back and continue, do I need to repost it?

No, as this is simply a continuation of the job already in place. If the nature of the work changes from what is described in the “JOB LOCK” email then it is important for our insurance coverage to put a new job in place by going through the job posting process.

Does it help to post a job sooner before I am certain of the time and date details?

No! This actually creates more confusion as Loopers select jobs specifically on their availability and then reserve the time selected in their schedule. Please always wait until you have date and time options you can commit to before posting (but the more time/date options you can give the better as in increases the chances it will be filled quickly).

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