Please post a job! We can help you with anything our insurance coverage permits*. Once your job is posted, every Looper in your area will be notified and anyone interested will respond to us. We'll help you confirm with any Loopers interested in getting to work for you! Feel free to review all of our rates below.


***Please remember when posting that weekday morning jobs can be more difficult to fill due to college class schedules. When possible, weekends, weekday afternoons and evenings are generally better for the Loopers***

*See list of excluded activities below.



* Excluded Activities:

The following are activities that Loopers cannot currently do:

No babysitting, no eldercare, no human transportation, no exterior painting, no operating power saws or chainsaws (operating lawn mowers and weed wackers are ok as long as Patron supplies safety glasses for Looper to wear), no climbing ladders where feet would be higher than 4' off the ground, no going on roofs, and no serving of alcohol.


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